Sophie Boulet Photographer

Specialising in press, wedding and corporate photographs

I am pleased to welcome you to my website, which is a reflection of my personality: dynamic, curious, sensitive, candid, and positive.

I show these traits both in my professional life and my personal life.

My artistic sensitivity allows me to enhance the people I meet by making them look as authentic as possible.

The photography profession is also the art of forming a bond and exchanging ideas. It’s a joint effort that’s delicate and honest, which transforms the photo into a precious souvenir.

I’ve chosen to present my background to you in three categories which have defined my professional life: press, weddings, and corporate.
These are three areas in which I like to express my passion, my inspiration, and the vibrancy of images as I imagine them.

I do of course love to photograph lots of other things, but I’ve chosen not to base my professional career on these.

My approach is based on my experiences in all of these areas: story-telling, spontaneity, poses, light, detail, emotion, sensitivity, love, places, and meetings.

I hope that you will take pleasure in visiting my site. It’s always difficult to make the right choices – not just with images, but also with words.

My services


My images are mostly composed using natural light, without flash and with the aid of a variety of lenses. This allows me to recreate the energy which corresponds best to the days’ moments.

The work of a professional photographer is a permanent investment. Since the emergence of digital photography the time spent producing the photos, i.e. the time spent on digital processing is 3 times longer than that of the reportage itself. It offers however possibilities unthought-of up until now.
For this our profession requires genuine skills.