About me

The eye-opener

I started this craft at 22, and it was an eye-opener to me. As the daughter of an artist, I never had any doubts about this decision, nor did I ever lack confidence in this profession.

I grew up in the south of France, which is unquestionably the place where I feel myself and where life feels good on a daily basis – is there nothing more beautiful than that in life? You could never get tired of that which fills us with wonder: the lights, colours, magical places, architecture, the beauty of the past and that of the present…

What about my life as a photographer?

It’s my only craft… it’s more than a passion. I grew up with it, changed with it, dreamed about it, shared it, told stories with it, cried over it… you can’t understand just how much making a living from your art – producing and composing it – can bring to our lives and the lives of our loved ones.

Mine is made up of images and souvenirs, and those that I contributed to and helped to make. Telling the story of an important moment, or a point in time… nothing could be more beautiful when looking for meaning in one’s profession and life.

What are my passions?

Travelling, nature, meeting new people, reading, animals as well…

I’m a lover of life, the Mediterranean, and sunshine; where each moment and each thing finds its place in my daily life… an invitation I extend at the same time to each person who I look kindly upon.

I have a zest for sharing, loving, and for those quirky, vibrant, incredible, and sometimes extremely personal moments!

Today, just like yesterday, my passion remains the life journey I am on.

Press photos and culture

I’ve been lucky enough from an early age to do this craft and to bring my images to a family, a person, a story, a play, or quite simply to anything that people are able to share.

The worlds of culture and press have been a real eye-opener. It’s first and foremost an honour, but then it’s those moments of happiness where the artist lets you penetrate their soul, their art, and the truest version of themselves. They open up in front of my lens… and they feel part of what I’m doing! It gives me great pleasure when they share who they are with me and the end result is a joint effort.

The art of being a photographer has enabled me to find fulfilment through rich and varied environments, and to expand my horizons with people coming from all walks of life and all over the world. How could I want to stop doing this even after so many years…?

I will be eternally grateful to all of these people who have trusted me and opened themselves up to me.

Not a day goes by without me feeling rewarded through these experiences and this career…

Thank you all.

Sophie Boulet’s perspective is one which brings us into focus and which will probe the innermost parts of who she photographs!

It’s always a proposal treated with affection, a session where you’ll play around with making photos…

Her lens offers us a new vision of ourselves each time, and sparks emerge from this amazing process!

Sophie is a beautiful, open-hearted brunette who embraces us through looking at us.

Through her talent, today she’s become a friend.

portrait Murielle Mayette

A sensitive nature, talent, a sense for images, and empathy with the person being photographed are qualities which immediately appealed to me in Sophie Boulet.

During my stay in Nice for the play “Les parents terribles” (Jean Cocteau) being shown at the Nice National Theatre, we arranged an outdoor shoot which was the chance for a delightful walk through the city. And this is what Sophie succeeded in capturing; the casual nature of discovery, and moments shared in the Mediterranean climate. Working in an atmosphere of friendship and trust makes all the difference. The results show in the images, which are entertaining and glamorous. Hers is a perspective which likes the people she photographs.

portrait Maria De Medeiros

Curious, enthusiastic, creative… Sophie loves her profession and loves people… Her great strength is in establishing a friendly and lively relationship with her models whether they’re famous or not, who feel at ease in front of the lens. She has an authentic and true vision, and cares about the slightest detail. No question, this photographer has her profession in her soul!

kan sperber

I like working with Sophie, she knows how to capture those ‘stolen’ moments caught on the spot that nobody has seen and which are exceptional souvenirs for our clients. Her experience in the world of press gives her an eye that few photographers have. What’s more, she is very professional and when we work together it’s always smooth, Sophie knows how to adapt – she’s an ‘all-rounder’ photographer.

I can only recommend her services, the result is always sublime.

portrait angelique dumay

Sophie Boulet is a woman and photographer looking for light and depth. She looks for it in the surroundings and in her photographic subject that she generously pampers, from the choice of location in which she will develop them to the garments they wear, from the direction of her gaze to the gesture the subject makes that reveals who they are.

And yet, despite these special qualities, she’s invaded by doubts.

I liked being in front of her lens several times, and there’s no doubting that I will appear in front of it again.

portrait Enzo Enzo

I’ve worked several times with Sophie for clients who are from a variety of nationalities and cultures. Each time, her professionalism, kindness, involvement, and her attention to detail are met with unanimous support – whether it’s before, during, but also after the event.

Sophie is able to capture the magical moment, the knowing glance, the atmosphere, and the heart of the event.

It’s because her work is timeless and because I trust her that I chose her to do my wedding pictures. The souvenirs that she gave to us are priceless!

portrait sophie